5 Benefits of Hardware Leasing

5 Benefits of Hardware Leasing


Congratulations on setting up your new business! I believe that you are now beginning to purchase your office equipments. Buying IT equipments can cost you huge capital. When you’re starting or growing your business, money is often tight. One way to save your expenses is to lease IT equipments instead of buying.


Below are 5 benefits of office IT equipment leasing.


  1. No large upfront fee


The most obvious and main advantage of leasing is that no large upfront fee involved. Instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars at once, you can lease the equipments at a monthly fee.


  1. Predictable monthly expenses


You can plan your business expenses more efficiently and help you to budget more effectively.


  1. Flexible payment schedules


Leasing companies usually has various payment and leasing term plans that allow you to find what best suit your current business situation.


  1. Allow regular upgrade.


Buying the assets fully will lower your ability to upgrade the equipments at a frequent rate. Leasing allows your business to update to the most up-to-date equipment more frequently. Improve competitive advantage with the latest technology, efficiencies or capacity. You’re better able to keep up with your larger competitors without draining your financial resources.

Since IT industry is growing and changing everyday, IT equipments tend to depreciate quickly. It is hard for re-investment too.



  1. Minimise the cost of maintaining, repairing and disposing.


You do not have to spend much time on maintaining or repairing the devices as the leasing company is usually responsible for any upkeep.

You do not have to worry about disposing the equipments after they have been outdated as there is usually a cost incurred for electornics disposal.

Overall, equipment leasing is a feasible and effective way that SMEs can adopt when they are at startup or growing phase. Business Connectivity provides the most flexible equipment-leasing plan along with our IT infrastructure setup services that assist you best during this stage.


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