6 WordPress Plugins to Do More in Less Time

6 WordPress plugins to do more in less time

Happy June! Many businesses are using WordPress to create their company’s website, are you one of them? If you are, then you must have heard of or even used WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins not only help make your website look awesome, they also save you so much time! Today we will review some of our favorite WordPress plugins that we use on our company’s website!

1.   Elementor

WordPress Plugin - Elementor

The fundamental part of building a WordPress website is a page builder. A well-designed website will drive traffic and attract active users to keep coming back. Whether you are a budding writer or a business owner trying to digitalize your business, you definitely want to use WordPress plugins to make your website aesthetically pleasing.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop builder which is compatible with the themes from WordPress. It allows you to build your website from scratch even if you do not have the necessary skills of a web developer. When I first started using WordPress, I tried out the Beaver Builder plugin. Personally, I felt that while it is simple to use, it lacks features like icon selections and image gallery/carousel to make your website really stand out.

Bizfave: Responsive mode, a widget on desktop can be eliminated on mobile phone to make it a lot neater.

2. WP Live Chat

WordPress Plugin - WP Live Chat

We all know it, sometimes calling or sending an email to ask a question is too tedious. If you have the manpower and want to keep your customers happy, why not install a Live Chat plugin? In a way, a simple livechat with readers can help your business engage with potential customers to know their needs and interests immediately.

Two versions of WP Live Chat are available, a free version and a paid version. The paid version has more functions such as multiple agents, chat transfers between departments, as well as chat initiation with customers. However, if you are just a small business with a tight budget, the free version provides most of the necessary functions.

Bizfave: Chat initiation to increase the potential of a lead!

3. Caldera Forms

WordPress Plugin - Caldera Forms

A form is so important in all kinds of website, big or small. It helps readers to contact you for a product they are interested in or to provide feedback and suggestions. One benefit with forms is that you will have a record of your reader’s name and email address (or more information if you require them to input) to send them an e-mail – which can turn into a potential business.

There are many WordPress plugins for forms but having used some of them, Caldera Forms stands out among all. Not only does it have a nice interface, it also allows you to see form entries on the WordPress dashboard itself – unlike other free form plugins that require you to upgrade to pro version to see entries on the dashboard.

Bizfave: Love how we can easily drag-and-drop from Elementor!

4. Popup Maker

WordPress Plugin - Popup maker

Popup Maker requires no shortcodes (which is a big hassle for me) to run. It captures the attention of your readers when you have a special promotion or an announcement. If your pop-up ad is relevant, you can also expect more conversions and leads. A really simple plugin, whenever I want to make a pop-up, I can just add a picture and a caldera form to get subscribers!

Another thing about pop-up maker which I love is that it is so versatile. You can easily set cookies to ensure that a person who has seen this pop-up ad before will not see it again in the next 7 days. You can also set which page you want to show this pop-up, so that it pops up on pages relevant to the reader – not every page, which is so annoying!

Bizfave: No shortcodes, no problem!

5. Yoast SEO

WordPress Plugins - Yoast SEO

Ultimately, your goal for your website would be to have a substantial amount of traffic to increase your brand awareness. Since more internet users are using search engines on a daily basis, Google search engine ranking would play a big part in your web traffic. The more readable and relevant your page/post is, the better it is for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can be a complicated task but fortunately, Yoast SEO can help simplify the process and improve the SEO of the post.

Yoast SEO has green, orange and red indicators to analyze your keywords and readability. If your post has too many red indicators, search engine ranking will likely be affected. On the other hand, if your post has mostly green indicators, your search engine ranking will improve. You can edit your title and meta through the snippet preview provided by Yoast SEO where it also has indicators to see how well your title and meta are doing.

Bizfave: Green, Orange, and Red indicators are so easy to identify! #trafficlight

6. Jetpack

WordPress Plugins - Jetpack

Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin that offers many features. If you’re concerned about spammers or robots that can disrupt your website, Jetpack helps you with your site security. If you like to customize your website, Jetpack has hundreds of customizable and professional themes. Jetpack also allows you to automatically share your content onto third-party applications like your social media to drive traffic to your website.

One key feature is the site stats feature, basically, it’s like Google Analytics with a simpler interface. The site stats feature allows you to see how many visitors came by, what links they clicked on, where they were referred from and how many times a page was viewed. This helps WordPress users decide which post is doing well and which page was viewed the most.

Bizfave: Definitely the site stats feature!

And there you have it, WordPress plugins that can save you so much time! What are your favorite plugins? do share it with us below!

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