4 Reasons Why You Need A Company Email

Having a company email with your own domain name helps your business in many ways. That is why so many companies cannot do without a company email in today’s context. Let’s take a look at how it can benefit your business!

1. Professional image

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You scroll through the products of a supplier on a busy Monday afternoon and think to yourself, I can trust them, right? You hover to “contact us”, only to enter another search on Google. Why? Because they were using Gmail for their business. As business owners, our job is to earn the trust of our potential customers.

Internet scammers are far too common these days. We need to make our company look genuine and professional to secure our business deals, so why save that little money to lose important customers?

2. Publicity Company Email

With more and more online shoppers, it is no doubt that the internet has taken over the retail world. In order to survive, we need to make sure that customers see our company name as often as possible. Customers remember your brand better when you use your own company name in your company emails. More exposure to your business name = more publicity = more profits!

3. Better efficiency and profitability

company email

Sending emails through free email services can be difficult when your departments are not categorized. But with a company email, you can use address books to select the specific email address or departments faster. Time to throw the thought of “Oh no, I forget to send to her the email!” away. Your company deserves a chance to work in a more efficient environment!

4. Enhanced security

company email

The internet has been improving over the years, but so are hackers and viruses. A hack into your employee’s personal email may cause you to lose key trade secrets and confidential materials overnight. That is the reason why IT companies have extra security measures to prevent hacking and virus infections in a company email. On top of that, all emails sent and received are monitored by servers so you do not have to worry about data leakage or misuse of information. 

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