Mobile App – 5 Reasons Why it is Actually Good For your Business

The term “Mobile App” would have been foreign to most people in the past. But today, we are always clicking on them! Here are 5 reasons why your company should invest in a mobile app:

1. People spend a lot of time on their phone

Let’s be honest, whether we’re at home, commuting or having meals, we spend a great deal of time on our own smartphones, inside a mobile app. We are not alone, according to a survey conducted by Ernst & Young which polled 1,000 people, 95% of the respondents are smartphone users and almost 80% of them check their smartphones before they sleep and after they wake up. On average, Singaporeans spend 3h 12 mins using their mobile phone daily!

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2. Convenience

When was the last time you hailed a cab? Or the last time you went to the ATM to make a bank transfer? With mobile apps that can help us with our daily tasks from travelling to making payments, we are slowly eliminating traditional ways of running errands. For a business, lacking a mobile app puts your business at risk of being substituted by competitors. Competitors who can fulfil the consumers’ growing needs of ease and convenience tend to stand out more.


3. Increase Brand Awareness

Grab, HonestBee, Tinder, FoodPanda.. All these brands sounds familiar, right? But think about it, what if these companies had no mobile apps? Every time you need to book a Grab taxi, order food from HonestBee or FoodPanda, the only way to order is to call their hotline. When you want to talk to a potential soulmate on Tinder, you have to login to their website or mobile site. Not only will you find it a chore to call or enter the website, you will also less likely remember these brands since they don’t appear on your phone’s homepage. The reason why we can remember brands like Grab and HonestBee so easily is because they are a tap away on our smartphones.

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4. Increase Sales

Big e-Commerce brands like Qoo10, Lazada and AliExpress don’t exist solely on their e-Commerce website. They use mobile apps to drive sales. The convenience of a mobile app makes shopping during lunch or commute time a lot easier than entering a website’s URL. The more people see your business/brand on their homepage, the more likely they are going to patronise your business online.


5. Remind people about your brand

Mobile apps are superior to websites and social media because you are able to send push notifications to customers who have installed your app on their phone. Not only can you remind your customers about any promotions that you are running, you can also recommend them what they might need based on their product search history on your app.


At Business Connectivity, we can help to develop a mobile app that is customised to suit your business needs. From catalogues to ordering systems, a right mix of app functions will help to boost your business sales and awareness. Find out more about our mobile applications!

Check out our other products and services or visit our website! Contact us at or 65 6771 9280 today!

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