SIOS – High Availability and Disaster Recovery

SIOS – High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Data safety is now one of the most important business concerns. Every business should be prepared to deal with serious data break down, even for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Many SMEs dismiss planning a coherent Disaster Recovery plan because they believe such strategies are only for deep-pocket, enterprise-scale IT budgets. But disaster hits everyone sooner or later. Are you prepared when there is sudden server shut down? If not, you need a business continuity plan.


Using SIOS high availability clustering, applications automatically recover from infrastructure and application failures in a matter of minutes with no loss of data – keeping your data protected, applications online, and users satisfied.


With SIOS solutions, there’s no need to learn a new availability technology for every environment you manage. SIOS clustering solutions are unique in the breadth of applications, operating systems and infrastructure environments supported giving you a single solution to handle your high availability needs.


SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition


SIOS products add high performance real-time block-level replication and configuration flexibility in Windows Server and Windows Server Failover Clustering environments. With SIOS software, there’s no need for costly hardware-based SAN storage to create an enterprise-class high availability cluster.


SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is a software add-on that integrates simply and seamlessly with Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) to add performance-optimized host-based synchronous or asynchronous replication.  It allows you to easily create a SANless cluster to achieve high availability and disaster recovery for your most important applications operating in the cloud, in virtualized environments such as VMware or on physical servers using only local storage.   Use SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition software to protect your business-critical Windows environments, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics, and Hyper-V from downtime and data loss in a physical, virtual, or cloud environment.

For SQL Server protection, a common choice of availability is Microsoft Always On Availability Groups and Always on Failover Clusters.  SIOS DataKeeper provides a number of key benefits to achieve higher availability and more comprehensive data protection


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