4 Important Things to Consider for Your Business Mobile App Development

4 Important Things to Consider for Your Business Mobile App Development













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Having a mobile app for business is not a new thing anymore. It is consider an essential element for business operation no matter what industry your business is in, regardless of the size and nature of your business. While many think that Applications are more beneficial for e-commerce or marketplace, many businesses are utilising mobile apps for internal employee’s use to facilitate business operation.


Research have shown having a mobile app is more powerful than a website as it can readily reach out to your customers. As per the recent data, an average smartphone user spends more than 81% of total mobile usage time on the apps. Businesses have to make sure they take this opportunity to target more audience.


There are a few things to consider before developing a successful mobile app for your business.


Keep your objectives in mind


The most common objectives when businesses developing new mobile app are

– Increase productivity

– Expand your business

– Attract more customers

All your decisions at later stage will be based on these objectives. Don’t let the developers, or other factors make you shift away from your objectives.


Keep your user in mind


One of the most important things to keep in mind is your user. Ultimately, they are the ones that determining the success of your mobile app. Focus more time on creating a good User Experience (UX). There are many instances whereby developers might think the App is easy to use, but the user felt lost while using the App. One way to avoid this is to have people from your target audience, that are not involved in the project, to test it out, before launching.


Another factor to consider is which platform (or operation system) you want your App to be on. While iOS app may seem more preferable by the market, android OS is actually dominating the smartphone market with over 80% market share. If you wish to target both platforms, 2 separate OS have to be considered.


Hiring developers

Consult a reliable app development company to help you on this. Developing mobile app is a big investment; you have to choose your developer wisely. Getting top developers might not be the best solution. These agencies usually have many projects ongoing and might not put their full concentration on your project. This may cause a delay in your project duration and efficiency. In this case, make sure the development agency have dedicated programmers or project managers for your app development.


Another important thing to check is to see if the developer has experience for your industry. Mobile application for the same industry usually requires similar features. If the developer has done something for other companies from your industry that is proven working, it will make your development more efficient.


Assign budget

We have talked about the development cost for different types of mobile application in our previous post. Cost varies based on functions and features you require for the application. You need to make sure those necessary functions are in place to achieve your objectives set ealier on.


Additionally, you should consider additional costs like app marketing cost, cost for publishing on Apple store and Google Play Store, monthly maintenance cost. Some development company do not provide you the source code so you have to pay a monthly cost in order to keep the application active.


Business connectivity offer customised app solutions to businesses from all industries. Our experienced mobile application developers are equipped to create user-friendly Android and iOS Apps that will help achieve your business objectives. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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