A Website, A Web Host, A Domain Name.

Most of us are familiar with what a website is and what we can expect from it. But what about the terms “web host” and “domain name”? These terms are more technical and it is not a surprise if you are getting fuzzy trying to comprehend them. Let’s take a look at the differences.


A website is a site that compiles a series of web pages. Let’s take our company’s website, www.bizconnectivity.com, for example. We can see the front webpage of our website, which is under the “HOME” tabs on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Beside the “HOME” tab, there are other tabs such as our “PRODUCTS” and “SERVICES”. These are other web pages that belong to the same website which you can click on.


company's website

Now that we have a clearer idea of what a website is, let’s take a look at the more complicated terms, a web host, and a domain name.

Web Host

Simply put, a web host is a space where your website stays in. Having a website with a web host is like having a rented office in a building. Without the building space, your furnishings and staff will have no place to work in. Without the furnishings and your staff, the building space will be empty. That is why a website and a web host works together to create a seamless experience for customers.



Domain Name

When you need to find your friend, do you call them, text them or go straight to where they live? No matter which way you use, you will need to find them through their phone number or home address. This is the same as a domain name, people need to know your domain name before they can eventually find you on the internet!


Wait, but all these services cost money, right? Or are there free web host and domain name services? Well, there are free services out there, but they usually require you to use their brand names in your domain name. Examples such as Blogger (www.ydn.blogspot.com), Wix (www.ydn.wixsite.com) and WordPress (www.ydn.wordpress.com) all require you to add their brand names behind your free domain name. 

Because of this, your customers may find you less desirable as compared to a competitor who has a paid domain name! And not only that, your brand and business may look more amateur and less genuine among all your competitors.

Let us help your business achieve the professional look your customers will desire. Email us or call us at +65 67719280 today!

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