SIOS APAC Partnership Programme

SIOS APAC Reseller Programme


SIOS software provides powerful IT resiliency solutions that protect and optimize your most important applications including SQL Server, SAP, SAP HANA and more. SIOS iQ machine learning IT analytics optimizes application performance. SIOS DataKeeper and SIOS Protection Suite (for Linux) cluster software provides the flexibility to provide high availability solutions using clusters in cloud (AWSAzureGoogle Cloud), virtual, and hybrid configurations.

We are looking for Resellers to join us to market SIOS Software to your clients and help them to make your business resilence! Join us as:

Referral Partner

Gold Partner

Partners who wish to only resell the licenses
Little or no technical expertise
Earn from selling licenses
Good margin
Best Partnership Programme to join to see how SIOS can help you to earn!

Partners with teams of sales and engineering folks
Able to come up with Go-to-Market Plans with Us
Earn from licenses, installation and yearly license renewal
Good margin

What we will do for you

What we will do for you

Assist you through the entire sales cycle including presentation
Help you to ensure project management and deliverables
Implementation Engineer provided

Free consultation and sales presentation for clients
Training for your sales and engineers to onboard
Leads generation
Go-to-Market Planning
Marketing Incentives

Special Incentive to join us as a Referral Partner now! Get a Grab Voucher for joining our webinar and signing up as a Referral Partner!

Sign up by sending us an email to or call us at (65) 66028030 and Press 3.
Our friendly Marketing folks would be please to help to onboard you!

SIOS APAC Reseller Programme – We aim to help you learn & earn