SAN and SANless Clusters for Any Application or Database

With Covid-19, businesses are forced to re-look at the way they conduct their business. They are restricted by law to even enter their own premises to service their IT needs. System Administrators, more than ever, need to be able to monitor and maintain the Company’s Servers and Applications. Availability of these servers and applications becomes the top priority.

No business is small business!

Businesses of all sizes rely on a wide variety of business-critical database applications including data warehouses, e-commerce applications, financial systems, supply chain management, and business intelligence systems. These environments require high availability protection against lost revenue, lost productivity and lost customer satisfaction resulting from application downtime. Now more than ever so in this post Covid-19 world.

SIOS Software enables enterprises to implement high availability clustering to protect these from downtime at a fraction of the cost and complexity of older solutions. SIOS Software operates across the widest variety of operating systems, applications and databases in flexible configurations across cloud, hybrid cloud, physical servers, and virtualised environments. Whether you are running on Microsoft Windows Platform and Linux Platform on virtualization technology like Hyper-V and/or VMWare, we offer validated and cost-effective solutions for your environment. 

With the increase implementation of solutions on cloud like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, we offer our expertise to help protect your cloud investments. The common misconception is that with cloud, your servers and apps are protected from failure. But that’s not technically true with a basic implementation of servers and apps on the cloud. We offer competitive high availability solutions with our subscription models and Bring-Your-Own-License.

SIOS iQ Analytics for Performance Root Cause Analysis

Optimizing Performance, Efficiency, Reliability, and Capacity Utilization.

  • Forecast Capacity Utilization and Performance Issues Before They Strike
  • Performance Root Cause Analysis for Instantaneous Issue Resolution
  • Instantaneous Efficiency Optimization

SANless Clusters for Cloud Computing

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Protect important applications in cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

SIOS SANLess software lets you create a multinode cluster in any cloud or hybrid cloud environment using only local storage.

Cloud Offerings:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

Building High-Performance Storage Protection without SAN

Easy, cost-efficient, high performance and high availability solution.

Build a cluster using only local storage – including high-performance PCIe-based flash or SSD storage.

  • No costly SAN hardware to buy
  • No risk of SAN single point of failure
  • Protection from downtime
  • Significantly faster performance
  • More productive end users

Virtual Servers

Failover clusters in virtual server environments without sacrificing configuration features or configuration flexibility.

Virtual Server Protection via Real Time Replication

Create a cluster in VMware virtual server environments without the complexity and feature limitations of Raw Device Mapping.

In the event of a disaster, the standby VM can be brought into service with little to no data loss

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